Who We Are

We Green Energy brings to you the holy grail of energy efficient lighting: LED solutions. As this futuristic technology is quickly gaining popularity, we aim to keep you up-to-date with the best options on the market. We boast years of experience, cutting-edge technology, creative solutions, broad connections, and many happy customers.

Abe Schwartz, president and CEO, has been in the lighting industry for years. Abe is an expert in lighting and energy, specifically all things LED. His sharp eye and creativity make him a valuable asset to our clients. In addition, Abe works hand-in-hand with top US lighting manufacturers, ensuring our customers get the best quality for the best prices. Abe’s skills have saved our clients a lot of time and money, and have ensured them a seamless transition to energy-efficient LED lighting.

We Green Energy is one of the only companies with such a breadth of services in lighting. We serve eight different industries all over the US, from multifamily to business to medical. From consultation and design, to financing and rebate procurement, to installation, we provide for our customers every step in the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers save money, time, and energy by providing them a smooth and seamless upgrade to LED lighting.

LED Lights are just as luminous as other lights, but use significantly less power. They also live much longer than standard lights, and are generally much more aesthetically pleasing. We help our clients streamline their properties with this futuristic technology, while saving time, energy, and money in the process.

To ensure top quality for the best price, we only work with US brands that are at least 15 years in business. Our LED Fixtures and retrofits greatly reduce operating costs, and on average slash our clients’ utility bill by 50%. Clients also save money by reducing maintenance; our LEDs last between 50,000 and 100,000 Hours, with a 5 Year manufacturer warranty. Typically, that translates to an average of 10 years without having to worry about changing any light bulbs!
Additionally, the decreased energy usage helps the environment and keeps your property “green”.

Customer service is always our number one priority. Our lighting designers and engineers are the cream of the crop, each with 20+ years of experience in the field. Abe Schwartz, founder and CEO, maintains close ties with manufacturers and specialists, ensuring top notch service. We offer various financing plans with no out-of-pocket cost, so you can start saving right from the start. We also offer free consultations.

Our Process

Lighting Survey

We use state of the art software to ensure expedited service. One of our lighting specialists walks through the property with a tablet, using its software to take the lighting count of each type of bulb or fixture and taking pictures and notes accordingly. The information is then uploaded to the cloud, so our team can start working with the data right away.


Our in-house and outsourced lighting designers and engineers generate the best and cheapest solution, identifying the existing luminaire and proposing the equivalent and proper replacement without compromising ideal color and brightness. We use exclusively USA brands and companies who are at least 15 years in business to ensure optimal quality and performance. Our manufactures have a 5+ year warranty on each product, and propose a minimum rated life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours on all our products. For our clients, that translates into an average 10 year period without having to change any light bulbs! Our utility rebate specialists do all the rebate processing and paperwork to ensure an even greater ROI (Return of Investment). We are assigned contractors for all the major ConEd rebate programs, and we work closely together with them to bring the best solutions for our clients.


Our salesman contacts the client and schedules a meeting to represent the proposal and walk through the process from A to Z, outlining different alternatives and unlimited free revisions. We do not want you to sign any contract before you are completely satisfied. We also offer financing options with zero out-of-pocket cost.


Once the client signs, we begin the installation process. We outsource our installation to the best company in the business to ensure quick and quality installation for the best price. The process can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks, depending on project size. We work with Con Edison hand-in-hand from beginning to end, taking care of all necessary paperwork. Once installation is complete, our clients can immediately enjoy streamlined appearance and savings!